Is Aerial Real Estate Photography a Must for Sellers?

One of the most prominent features of marketing real estate is photography. It must be amazing to draw in potential buyers even in a seller's market.The benefits of aerial photography offer a broader perspective of the neighborhood and the home

Real estate photos are really what make a home stand out in the best way to do that is, staging, photography different times the day and… Aerial photography. This is a growing trend that can create unique marketing campaigns. It gives potential buyers not only a different view of the property but will show them parts of the neighborhood as well.

The benefits of aerial photography offer a broader perspective of the neighborhood and the home. Many millennials feel that the neighborhood is just as important as the house itself and aerial photography is able to show a particular property and how it fits into the neighborhood and surroundings.

This can also give potential buyers key amenities on what the community is like on a larger scale. There's something unique and different about aerial photography and specifically aerial video that makes a buyer stop, stare, and want to know more about a property in general.

Reports show that listings that utilize aerial photography close at 68% faster than those that don't and 83% of sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses aerial photography in the form of drones. While still photography can still be taken by a drone, aerial videos are definitely the most up-and-coming prominent piece of marketing material. Will your agent provide aerial photography It's important to find and work with someone that understands proper drone technology and how to capture amazing and breathtaking aerial photos.

Most drones will need to be equipped with professional-grade cameras and you need somebody with liability insurance just in case the grown crashes. It's important to hire a licensed drone pilot operator that knows about the surrounding laws as well. Take a look at any aerial photography that the pilot or photographer has utilized and created in the past. You may also want to edit any raw imaging and refine them before posting them.

Do homes need aerial photography?

Not all homes need aerial photos or videos. But, depending on the type of community, aerial photography really benefits the home so it's important to ask your agent about the possibility of this type of photo.

You may want to look at the surrounding communities, subdivision, or if it's a gated community, buyers may not be able to simply drive by the home but with an aerial photography shoot or video, they can see different areas of importance throughout the community such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, gated entrance, and how close the home is to all of these different amenities.

If you're planning on an aerial photography session, do a walk-through of the area you'll be photographing before they actually get there. Make sure everything surrounding the property and on the property is as cleaned up as possible.

The time of day is also important as is the weather. It's a good idea to film on a sunny day and how the sun is going to hit the house at any given time.

Consider this an investment.

Not only will this be a great investment into your marketing strategy with your home and listing, but it can be something that can certainly pay for itself simply by being able to charge more for the home.

For more information on aerial photography for Park City real estate listings, contact our office at any time. While not every property would benefit from aerial photography or videos, some may so let's determine the possibility of creating aerial photography for your next listing.

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